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You provide us with items to sell for EXP — we bring you new customers and share revenue with you!


How it works


Games send us their NFT items

By the way we can co-create a collection together using our specialized NFT templates and we place it in our EXP shop

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Customers pay for subscription

To get more EXP and additional benefits from our platform.
EXP is used as a currency to buy items.


Games receive a share of revenue

By the end of each month, our systems calculate the revenue and distribute revenue between our partner games

The grand scheme of things

mighty grand schemeUser

Pays for the PRO subscription to receive more EXP & additional benefits

mighty grand schememighty grand scheme

User receives EXP and spends it on items/skins from his favourite game

mighty grand scheme

Mighty Platform

Gives a percentage of revenue, based on amount of sales the items made

mighty grand schememighty grand scheme

Provides in-game skins to sell for EXP in Mighty Shop

mighty grand schemePartner Games
mighty grand scheme

Transfers items, bought with EXP to the game (using blockchain) and enjoys gaming!

It can help you to:

mighty Acquire new customers

Acquire new customers

Our current userbase >500 000 users

mighty Add value to your end product

Add value to your end product

mighty Sharing our revenue with you

Sharing our revenue with you

New income stream for your business

mighty Be an Innovator

Be an Innovator

You can one of the first games to help gamers study better by using NFT’s


Artem Dubinin

Founder, Developer

prev: CEO of investment firm, 3m$ AUM

Alexander Barzukov

Co-founder, COO

prev: COO of a food ingredients firm with $80m ann. rev.

Dean Celaj

Education R&D, advisor

Harvard Research Institute, Forbes: 30 under 30 for social impact (2022)

Maleiki Haybe

Education Advisor

Elected Official in the United Kingdom Councillor for Sheffield

Oleg Deryabkin

Lead Developer

11+ years in dev ops & management for web and mobile products

Artem Repin

Full-Stack Developer

4.5 years of experience in working with Solidity / JS / TypeScript / Python

Adetola Ogunsanya

Marketing, content creator

Prev- Leading Blockchain Content Strategist at one of Africa's best universities

Alexandra Sudas

Product Designer

4+ years of experience in product and UX/UI design

Katerina Kuchuk

Illustrator, Visuals

6+ years of experience in Physical and digital arts